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Considering psychotherapy?
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Whether for yourself, your child or the whole family, thinking about psychotherapy tends to be confusing.

What makes considering therapy more confusing than other issues? The thought of turning to a therapist is often anxiety provoking. Commonly people fear that turning to a professional means that something is very wrong with them and that can be very hard to face. Once in therapy, however, the client soon learns that everyone has areas to grown in and taking a deeper look at one's self only improves self-esteem and self-understanding.

Is there a difference between a psychologist and a community therapist? Psychologists go through a much more extensive process of training and supervised work than community therapist. Also, psychologists strive to reach a deep understanding of the individual client which then allows him to choose interventions that match more fully with the client's needs. In addition, most psychologists inform their work from a number of theoretical approaches leading to a larger 'tool box' of techniques.

What areas does Shlomo have experience in? Shlomo's education emphasized working with individuals, couples and families. Shlomo expanded on this by working in Charedi schools, thus gaining skill with working with children, parents and school staff. Nowadays Shlomo works with children and adults, parents and families.

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