Professional Psychological Services

for children and young adults

including the Haredi community


Services for children include psycho-educational evaluation, play-therapy (psycho-dynamic) and, for preschool children, dyadic-therapy. All therapy with children includes parental guidance.

I work with young adults dealing with issues surrounding daily Yeshiva/Seminar life, trauma, shiduchim, premarital anxiety, early marital issues and the like. Parallel to giving support with the present situation, I encourage self-insight and healing to underlying causes. See also considering therapy.

When I work with parents, I do not stop at giving parents tools for the present situations. Rather I also strive to help the couple to find and define themselves as parents. I often ask parents to recall their own childhood and to consider in what ways would they like to be the same as their parents, and in what ways would they like to be different.

Sometimes it is best to work with the entire family as one unit, I can do that as well.