Corona Response

200 NIS a session instead of 350NIS

Professional Teletherapy

for the Charedi community

using video conferencing


Teletherapy: Recently there has been increased interest in teletherapy (therapy using video conferencing or telephone.) Teletherapy allows a person to improve his life from the comfort of his own home, with no worries about contracting or spreading Corona and no need to travel. In addition, scheduling is more flexible, making it possible to meet at a convenient time, for example, after the children have gone to bed.

Does teletherapy work well? Recent studies have indicated that teletherapy is generally effective. Shlomo himself has seen remarkably solid results using teletherapy including a good rate of progress.

What are Shlomo's qualifications? Shlomo is licensed as a psychologist in Israel. He has a lot of experience working with children, parents and families in the Haredi community.

What are Shlomo's characteristics? Shlomo is generally regarded as being sensitive, understanding, accepting, insightful and ethical. He works for the benefit the client. When possible, Shlomo seeks to shorten the length of the therapy, thus saving the client money.

More questions? Please contact Shlomo by phone at 058-711-3238 or by email at .